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In A Deluge of Consequences, the first World Policy e-book, intrepid journalist Jacques Leslie takes us along on a mythic, spell-binding trip to the bucolic kingdom of Bhutan, where the planet's next environmental disaster is set to unfold. 



The  World Policy Institute understands that policymakers and opinion leaders need creative ways to catalyze innovation and engage wider coalitions in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.  By working with artists focused on the same issues, this cross-cutting initiative seeks to build a new, collaborative model for social change. 

Since the completion of the Thorthormi Mitigation Project, Karma Toeb in the Bhutanese Department of Geology has continued to monitor Lake Thorthormi, and has been pleased to find that there has been no erosion in the water channels from the lake he expanded. Click through to see the video of his work, which is saving Bhutan from a major environmental disaster.
At more than 20 percent, youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa is high, and with 10 million young Africans entering the labor market each year it is only going to worsen. Eugenie Maiga argues that agriculture is one avenue for job creation oriented to the reality of African economies.
As Band Aid 30's Ebola fundraiser song hits the airwaves, Ebola Deeply spoke with the artists behind a different Ebola track: The Hope Song, produced by a group of prominent Liberian musicians and designed to curb the stigma facing Ebola survivors.

A Huffington Post Live broadcast with guests, including World Policy Journal editor-in-chief David A. Andelman, explored the existential threat of ISIS to the United States and the West. The segment explored the nature and value of American armed action and examined how such moves could affect the shifting alliances in the region, particularly amid the ongoing civil war in Syria.

August 28, 2014


Around the Table

Rahul Sagar on behalf of Prof. Kishore Mahbubani, Special Guest Julia Ormond, and World Policy Institute Chairman John Watts May 2, 2013

Andelman on Libya


Andelman on Libya

World Policy Journal Editor David Andelman is interviewed about the Libyan uprising on CBS News.


Every Nation for Itself

WPI Senior Fellow Ian Bremmer argues that we are not witnessing the descent of the United States, but rather the beginning of a leaderless world.

La Cienega: Ecuador's Childless Village Santiago Arcos Veintimilla, a Magnum Fellow photographer, captures La Cienega, Ecuador, a town that has lost its future in the wake of all but unfettered urban migration. 


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