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World Policy Journal is proud to share our revived weekly podcast, World Policy On Air, featuring former Newsweek On Air host David Alpern and Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer's latest commentary on global "Winners & Losers." Click here to subscribe on iTunes!






What’s Gone Wrong with the European Union—Britain, In or Out?

November 6, 2015 - 12:30pm

World Policy Institute is hosting its next World Economic Roundtable luncheon, featuring Geoffrey Van Orden, Member of the European Parliament from UK’s Conservative Party, who will share his thoughts on “What’s Gone Wrong with the European Union—Britain, In or Out?” He will explore the possibility of a Brexit and its implication for Britain a

World Economic Roundtable & Reception With Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

March 23, 2015 - 4:00pm


In this private event, former Mexican President Vicente Fox will share his thoughts on his historic presidency, how it shaped his economic strategy, his ongoing efforts to fight poverty in Mexico, and his current quest to make his country a hub for technology.

World Economic Roundtables | Feb 2011 - Present

The World Economic Roundtable, a joint venture of the World Policy Institute Walter Eberstadt World Economic Policy Program and New America’s Economic Growth Program, seeks to “remap” the world economy by exploring the changing patterns of global investment, trade, and employment following the Great Recession.

Texas A&M University


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World Policy Announces Expansion to Loyola Marymount University The World Policy and Loyola Marymount announce the World Policy Institute at LMU, a first of its kind, interdisciplinary research and academic center.

Jihad in Sub-Saharan Africa 

This paper, “Jihad in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenging the Narratives of the War on Terror,” examines the history of Islamic movements in Africa's Sahel region to contextualize current conflicts.

World Economic Roundtable with Vicente Fox 

In this World Economic Roundtable, former Mexican President Vicente Fox discusses his current quest to make his country a hub for technology. 

Intern at World Policy

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Al Gore presides over Arctic Roundtable 

As the United States prepares to assume chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2015, this inaugural convening of the Arctic Deeply Roundtables launches a vital conversation for our times. 


The Millennium Project:
A global collective intelligence system analyzing the future of the world—and you can participate!


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