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Recent Events

Dec 3 2009
Nikhil Chandavarkar, Fellow of RSA and Secretary to UN-Water, offers his unique insights on the outcomes of the COP15 talks in a conversation with David A. Andelman, Editor of the World Policy Journal.  This special event brings together two thought-leaders to offer expert perspectives on the key issues coming out of the COP15 talks. What are prospects for an effective global climate change treaty?  What was achieved and what is left to do? How can individuals, organizations, communities and countries play a part in what comes next? 
The Global Syndicate, WPI and Friends presented a Fundraising Initiative Benefiting Earthquake Victims in Haiti, with 100% of proceeds going to support the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Project Medishare, the Haitian Support Group and Yele Haiti.
January 27, 2010 US and European Perspectives on Immigration: A Problem or an Opportunity

Delancey Gustin and Michele Wucker discussed the "Transatlantic Trends: Immigration" survey, which compares transatlantic as well as cross-country opinion on immigration and integration issues. Some of the topics included in this year's survey are: public perception of immigrants' labor market impacts and effects on wages, the effect of the economic crisis on attitudes toward immigration, and preferences for temporary vs. permanent labor migration programs. The survey also gauges opinion on a legalization program for illegal immigrants and asks respondents to rate their governments' current job of immigration management.  Event video HERE
Ian Bremmer, Georg Kell, Art Kleiner, Thomas Stewart, Michele Wucker convene showcased their predictions about the ethical implications of global political risk for 2010. Aimed at decision makers in corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, the panel provided a stimulating preface to the critical global political, social, and economic shifts for the year ahead. Using Eurasia Group's Top Risks as a starting point for identifying the major global challenges in 2010, the discussion examined the ethical aspects of each issue, and how best these dynamic and complex challenges can be met.  
Event transcript, audio and video HERE

Diana Glassman, Thomas Kruse, Michael Oppenheimer, William Powers and Heather Rogers convene for a post-Copenhagen debriefing to examine the obstacles that remain, the prospect that the United States will ratify any new agreement and/or fulfill promises of assistance to developing countries, and the role of policy groups, activists, business people and investors in ensuring fruitful U.S. leadership in the climate change battle.