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Greetings Ms Rajagopalan, I would like to hazard a guess that you do not currently live in India, and are commenting on our state of affairs from an external standpoint. There are a few things that I would like to make clear. 1) India's military action in Kashmir. Yes, if you would like to start comparing police and a paramilitary force we call he Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and the Central Reserve Police Force as military action. 2003 Iraq was military action , 2001 Afghanistan was military action, operation Zarb-e-Azb (Google it , it's Pakistani) was military action. The state of Jammu and Kashmir to the East of the Line of Control is an internationally recognised territory of India. Not Pakistan, as much as they would like you to believe. The British allowed every Princely State to choose their future in the Indian Independence Act of 1945. The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir signed tbe instrument of Seccession to India. Pakistan invaded the Princely State in 1947 illegally, and our forced defended. Yes their people never got an unbiased voice as to their future. But Pakistan never let us find out did they? You are likely to quote UNSC Reso 47 , that stated that a plebiscite be held. However it also wanted Pakistan to withdraw presence from Kashmir, something they denied from happening after ceding territory to China. 2) There has been no incident in my country where a war with Pakistan has led to mass persecution of Muslims. Ours is a secular nation, where despite your claims, the percentage of Muslims rises healthily. Not Pakistan, where the percentage of Hindus has fallen to almost 1%. In defence of my statement , I would like you to view an interview between Me Asaduddin Owaisi, leader of the AIMIm, and a mouthpiece of Indian Muslims, talk to a Pakistani interviewer, where he stated that Indian Muslims share no allegiance with Pakistani Muslims, especially in time of conflict, and that Mr Owaisi, "made his choice in 1947". Contrary to what you'd like your readers to believe, Islamophobia in this country is actively shunned by the multitudes of social groups in our free nation, unlike a certain neighbour of ours. 3) There is a stark difference between a friendship between the Prime Minister of India ,H.E. Narendra Modi and the President - Elect of USA, Mr Donald Trump and a friendship between Modi and Trump. I wish you can understand the difference and in wishing congratulations, PM Modi was only enacting his foreign policy. We couldn't shun Trump and his policies in our country less (Yes contrary to what you think , we aren't "bhakts") 4) Mr Modi didn't win because he appealed to the racism prevalent in society, and was anti establishment. He has to be compared to Ms Hillary Clinton more. He promised growth, he promised transparency , he had a track record of running his state successfully for three terms. He couldn't get a more "from the establishment" image. Yet he appealed to the aspirations of the educated middle class, unlike your comparison to the uneducated whites that elected Trump in. Unfortunately, our country votes more on caste than it does religion, and Hinduism has seen a lot of Casteism. (Exploited sickeningly by the BSP, and now a very large number of parties desperate to find something better than "intolerance" to criticise Modi's India) 5) Ah, the classic demonetisation leads to national Emergency. Unfortunately the very fact that I found this article if yours on Facebook , proves you very wrong. You clearly have not read a single account of what transpired under Indira Gandhi's National Emergency to stay in power. (I don't count Mr Tharoors views on them, he's written a book comparing congress supremos to heroes in the Mahabharata) Gandhi's Emergency implied arrests of all opposition members, movements and protesters. The army were ordered to conduct arbitrary arrests. The Press was shut. There was no relief in the courts. She placed the Emergency in a time of Famine. And this lasted two years. Oh wait. 500 and 1000 rs notes got cancelled! For 50 days exchange. EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY. I honestly find my daily humour nowadays out if seeing the opposition leader's comments. As much as we would like to see Arvind Kejriwal (I can't believe I said I supported him once) behind bars, it's not happened. So theres no Emergency, research better. The Press couldn't be freer. Our courts couldn't be more proactive , our Government is finally showing life. Our GDP has been consistently better than the congress' Fake 8% (it was more around 5 actually). And unlike the Americans , we will continually reject those calling these the darkest days in our country's history, for we do not want more leaders elected in, who refuse to spend a penny for public good, and prefer taking 1.07 Lakh Crores in one Scam from the people ( Oh for comparison , the total amount of Black Money targeted in India by demonetisation is 15.45 Lakh Crores. Food for thought)
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