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While pharma is a great

While pharma is a great influence on where things go, this too, should be changed. The amount of clients I have where I work who are less than 30 years old and pulling down 200k because they work in "research" pharma is ridiculous. No drug that people can get in Canada for 20 should be costing a self-paying patient 1000. I do not like that you have not said that the ACA is not efficient either in your effort to dis what the GOP is or isn't doing. This bill was passed by democrats and Nancy Pelosi has conveniently forgotten that she said we needed to pass the bill to find out what's in it. There was plenty of deceit under Obama because many of us who were already responsible got booted off our current plans, and nope. I did not get to keep my doctor. Not to mention the fact that my new cost went from 6k per year to 31k this year before anything gets covered. Smart people opt out because its more than a mortgage payment. The greatest weakness of Obamacare? It was meant to cast the net to single payer. Period. Access and quality are affected and the number of doctors leaving medicine is going up because they feel hog-tied by all the defensive medicine they must practice in order for where they work to receive govt money. And the fraud? Who is checking that? 4 billion dollars this year paid for people who were not eligible to receive care and yet, they did. If I reached into your pocket every week and took the money and put it in the govt pot, and then just handed it out, how mad do you think you react? I also note that in that bill, the government overreach for many things that are none of their business, they gained access to. Why do you suppose they can get away with stopping our citizens from leaving the country for a $20 unpaid tax bill or ticket?What did student loans or building parks have to do with health care. Yes. I read the bill. None of that belonged in those 20k pages. You keep talking about the conceit of the GOP. But owning the mistakes and the costs we have now-- have NOT insured more people! There are 18 million of us who would rather self-pay and there are 8 million sucking off the hard-earned money of others until they're made better without even contributing. The eight million who got insurance were eligible for medicaid anyway. WE need: 1. Tort Reform 2. Competition is always the key and across states is a good thing. 3. The drug approval process is too long and should be streamlined.
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