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African Design Concepts in Sustainable Development: A Political Salon with Juliet Kavishe

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 6:30pm
Dakar Sow House, by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

African Design in Sustainable Development
A Political Salon with Juliet Kavishe


Thursday, May 16, 2013
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

This event is by invitation only.


Modern architecture has evolved to address climate change, resource scarcity, and the challenges of a rapidly growing urban population. Yet with nearly one billion of the world's population living in slums, a simple symbol of African traditional design - the hut - may hold the key to a sustainable solution to urban growth.

In this Political Salon, Namibia-based architect Juliet Kavishe discusses the challenges posed by rapid urbanization, climate change, resource management and energy access, and highlighting the opportunities presented by African design concepts, and illustrates how cities might look to the hut to inspire new approaches to building and community design and construction.

About the Speaker

Juliet Kavishe is a Namibia-based interior architect with an extensive background in green design. She has worked with members of the Abu Dhabi Design team with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and was a lead designer assessing the viability of green design elements and principles for projects in the Namibian desert with her current firm, Marley Tjitjo Architects, Inc. Kavishe is the winner of the Cultural Honors Award from the University of Pretoria, and serves as the Interior Architect Liaison of the Western Cape body of the South African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID).

About the Sponsors

The World Policy Institute is an ideas incubator focused on emerging global challenges, thinkers, and solutions. World Policy fellows, events, policy development and media outreach, alongside our flagship World Policy Journal, provide a forum for solution-directed policy analysis and debate in support of a sustainable market economy, effective governance, and broadened security strategies.

By providing a dynamic and reliable online forum where African voices can reach an international audience of policy makers and specialists, Fireside Research minimizes the obstacles of sourcing time-sensitive and specialist information from across the continent. It identifies and certifies local experts - grassroots analysts, journalists and scholars with ground-level knowledge - and facilitates their interaction with a global policy audience seeking information and contextual analysis from across the continent.

The Political Salon - organized by Steve Sokol since 2003 to promote dialogue among the next generation of leaders in business, policy, and the media - regularly convenes a diverse group of young professionals to discuss a range of foreign policy issues and global affairs. Attendees are diverse in terms of nationality, profession, and political persuasion.

With special thanks the Heinrich Böll Foundation for supporting the Political Salon.


[Image of Dakar Sow House, designed by Stefan Antoni, Greg Truen, and Juliet Kavishe of SAOTA. Image courtesy of]



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