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In A Deluge of Consequences, the first World Policy e-book, intrepid journalist Jacques Leslie takes us along on a mythic, spell-binding trip to the bucolic kingdom of Bhutan, where the planet's next environmental disaster is set to unfold. 



The  World Policy Institute understands that policymakers and opinion leaders need creative ways to catalyze innovation and engage wider coalitions in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.  By working with artists focused on the same issues, this cross-cutting initiative seeks to build a new, collaborative model for social change. 


Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends,

With summer well underway, we’d like to take this opportunity to share some updates with the World Policy community as we prepare for an ambitious suite of programs next season. These programs are a crucial part of our efforts to bring a fresh perspective to the policymaking table, while advancing innovative solutions to the crucial but neglected challenges of our increasingly connected world.  

Please support our work today.  

The Kishore Mahbubani Emerging Leader Fellowship 

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“We need a greater  understanding between the East and West. By giving emerging 21st century leaders a chance to build bridges with those who look at the same world with completely different perspectives, the Mahbubani Fellowship is a small step in that right direction.” – Kishore Mahbubani, May 2014

World Policy Institute and National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy launched The Kishore Mahbubani Emerging Leader Fellowship, which will provide a promising young Asian leader with a one-year residency at our New York headquarters. It will endow the Fellow with the resources needed to succeed in the business, policy, and diplomatic worlds, provide exposure to the networks that cross traditional policy silos, and cement in the pivotal early years of their career the importance of intellectual curiosity, questioning conventional wisdom, and approaching global challenges with fresh, diverse perspectives. 

Motor City: From Shrinking City to Emergent City

At the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative America meeting last month, the Motor City Project announced plans to activate an underpopulated Detroit neighborhood through a Community Resilience Center that will attract job-creators, incubate their new business ventures by hacking regulatory hurdles, and build cohesion between new and longstanding residents. It will develop workarounds to the regulations paralyzing Detroit’s human, infrastructural, and capital resources, with the goal of transforming blight into productive spaces hosting novel combinations of manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, culture, and community.

The Motor City Project promotes new methods of building resilience in global Rust Belt cities by reversing the traditional flow of knowledge:

"What is it about slums like Kibera or Dharavi that transform impoverished rural migrants into upwardly-mobile urbanites despite a near-total lack of resources and state neglect, if not outright criminalization? The short answer is relentless entrepreneurialism, a willingness to use every available asset, and blindness to stifling regulations." - Greg Lindsay, Co-Director, Emergent Cities Project

The project's pilot program in Detroit will advance a blueprint for urban development based on job creation, entrepreneurship, and strong community.

World Policy Journal

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From user-responsive timelines to Twitter chats on the Big Question, the World Policy Journal team produced a number of online features that brought the print magazine to life. One such piece “10 Latin American Women to Watch in 2014,” was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to being republished abroad. The team is currently building out exciting new online features profiling articles from our most recent issue, "Connectivity".
Currencies today are the defining feature of nations, individually and collectively. Cold hard cash shapes or re-shapes society, politics, and most certainly the economy. A flailing and fragmented Europe seeks to hang together on the strength of a single currency that has taken on a life or near-death of its own, its very existence becoming an end in itself. Across Africa and Asia, the Americas north and south, continents and peoples are all too often held hostage by forces unleashed in the name of money. It is this kaleidoscope of silver, gold, and paper, often in the magnitude of tsunamis, that we set out to explore in the Summer issue of World Policy Journal.

We thank you for being a part of our community, and hope you’ll visit us often, whether through the pages of World Policy Journal, the World Policy Blog’s daily online opinion pieces, or our series of regular public and private events.


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Joseph A Cari Jr
World Policy Institute Board of Directors