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World Policy Journal is proud to share our revived weekly podcast, World Policy On Air, featuring former Newsweek On Air host David Alpern and West Wing Reports founder Paul Brandus. Click here to subscribe on iTunes!


Africa Investigates is a new podcast from World Policy Institute in partnership with the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting and with funds from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa. Join Chris Roper as he showcases recent exposés into corruption across Africa. Click here to subscribe on iTunes!





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World Policy Institute Meetings Program 2016 Memberships

As one of the most influential and widely-cited think-tanks in the United States, World Policy Institute’s work develops innovative solutions and policy recommendations, challenges conventional wisdom, and creates space for underrepresented voices in important global policy discussions. Through our events and policy projects, quarterly World Policy Journal and our website, WPI reaches two million people each year with incisive reporting and analysis on the world’s most pressing challenges. Most importantly, we believe that the inclusion of non-US perspectives infuses our policy conversations with a vital global outlook.

World Policy’s members are a dynamic community of individuals from across industries, sectors, nationalities, and political persuasions. We provide a forum for members to contribute to innovative, solution-oriented dialogues on crucial global challenges, engage with leading experts on critical public policy questions, and gain access to our exclusive events.

WPI membership, and the World Policy Journal, bolster your foundation for understanding policy issues affecting all corners of the globe—most importantly, it makes you a key part of developing the solutions.  

Join the World Policy Institute and change the conversation on the most pressing challenges of an interdependent world.

For more information on individual and corporate membership levels and benefits, contact Amanda Dugan, Director of Programs, at or at 212.481.5005.


Membership Levels

Supporting Member

As a Supporting Member, you enjoy the highest level of engagement with the World Policy’s events, programs, and publications. In this capacity you provide the crucial support that makes our programs possible. You and your guest receive all benefits of lower tiers. You will also enjoy exclusive access to our international programs, including our upcoming London Roundtable Series. You will also receive priority access to World Policy Research Trips, which launched in 2015 with our Board-led delegation to Cuba. Supporting Members may also be invited to join the World Policy Advisory Council, where your expertise, counsel, and support will help lead the Institute’s efforts to address the most pressing issues facing our interconnected world. 



Benefactors have frequent opportunities to engage with our network of experts, and connect with leaders in the worlds of policy, academia, and business through unlimited access to our exclusive events. At this level, you receive invitations to all Institute events throughout the year, including unlimited access to our monthly World Economic Roundtables, as well as related private receptions. These events offer intimate forums for engaging dialogue with guests such as former Mexican president Vicente Fox, and former head of the IMF, John Lipsky. Benefactors will have opportunities to host private briefings with our network of global experts, and for direct engagement with featured speakers, such as Richard Vague and Lincoln Ellis. 


Contributing Member

In addition to benefits under the lower tiers, Contributing Members receive invitations to Institute events throughout the year. You will have select access to our monthly World Economic Roundtables as well as select invitations to our Global Leader Briefing Series, which has featured Vice President Al Gore, acclaimed analyst, Ian Bremmer, and Senior Associate Editor of the Washington Post, Lally Weymouth. Contributing Members also enjoy the opportunity to attend select private receptions, which bring members together with prominent guests like Dr. Manuel Sánchez, Deputy Director, Banco de México; acclaimed analysts, Nassim Taleb, Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at NYU's School of Engineering and Yaneer Bar-Yam, president of the New England Complex Systems Institute; and former Singapore Ambassador to the UN and former head of the UN Security Council, Kishore Mahbubani.



As a Patron you have opportunities to engage with our network of Fellows, as well as experts and activists through select off-the-record briefings and salon-styled events. Previous events have included a private roundtable on women’s rights in Afghanistan; a high-level briefing on the implications of US leadership of the Arctic Council with Johann Saathoff, Member of German Parliament, and Dennis Bevington, Member of Canadian Parliament; and insights on East Asian security “after the pivot” by the Director of Strategy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Captain Malia DuMont. Patrons have select access to our World Economic Roundtables, which has brought in distinguished speakers such as Lord Adair Turner, former Chairman of Britain’s Financial Services Authority; Governor of Maryland, and now presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley; Deputy Director for Research, US Department of the Treasury Patricia Mosser; and, Senior Advisor, head of TARP, Susan Ochs

Members At Every Level Receive:

· Recognition as a supporter on the World Policy Institute website, the annual report, and other relevant publications

· Complimentary subscription to World Policy Journal 

· Complimentary subscription to the World Policy Weekly Update e-newsletter with announcements about special events, upcoming meetings, and other programming, including our monthly Economic Briefing 

Around WPI


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The ENACTS Approach 

This joint World Policy Institute-IRI paper, “The Enacts Approach: Transforming Climate Services in Africa One Country at a Time,” unravels the ways previously unavailable climate data will be used by governments.

World Economic Roundtable with Vicente Fox 

In this World Economic Roundtable, former Mexican President Vicente Fox discusses his current quest to make his country a hub for technology. 




Arts Everywhere Arts Everywhere, in conjunction with WPI's Arts-Policy Nexus, is seeking to magnify the voices of artists across the globe through its new web-based platform.

Intern at World Policy

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Looking Back On 2015

From melting glaciers in Greenland to normalization of relations with Cuba, we've been ahead of the curve in 2015. Look back on our year in reporting here and subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates delivered right to your inbox. 


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