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In A Deluge of Consequences, the first World Policy e-book, intrepid journalist Jacques Leslie takes us along on a mythic, spell-binding trip to the bucolic kingdom of Bhutan, where the planet's next environmental disaster is set to unfold. 


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Current World Policy Books

For more than a century, the United States has been the world’s most powerful state. Now some analysts predict that China will soon take its place. Are we now living in a post-American world? Will China’s rapid rise spark a new Cold War?

In this compelling new book, world renowned foreign policy analyst Joseph Nye explains why the American century is far from over and what the U.S. must do to retain its lead in an era of increasingly diffuse power politics.

“U.S. declinism can be overdone. In an excellent new essay asking Is the American Century Over? the Harvard scholar Joseph Nye points up America’s enduring strengths — economic, demographic and geographic as well as military.” --Phillip Stephens, ‚Ä®Financial Times


In Pax Ethnica, World Policy Journal Editor-at-Large Karl Meyer, along with co-author Shareen Brysac, undertook a two-year exploration of oases of civility, places notable for minimal violence, rising life-expectancy, high literacy, and pragmatic compromises on cultural rights. Through scores of interviews, they document ways and means that have proven successful in defusing ethnic tensions.

"Given the clashing creeds, cultures and ethnicities that plague our planet, is peace possible?  It's hard to imagine a more thoughtful and creative attempt to answer this question than the original, surprising and sophisticated case studies ...that Meyer and Brysac provide in thoughtful and accessible prose, in this oddly reassuring book." --Victor Navasky, former Editor of The Nation Magazine


Jeff Madrick's latest book Age of Greed, published by Alfred A. Knopf in May 2011, has been well-received with coverage by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The LA Times, and The New York Review of Books and was recently selected as a Publishers Weekly Top Ten pick for Spring 2011. 

“The timing could not be better for a book like Age of Greed . . . A solid review of half a century of economic  history . . . A commendable compendium.” -- Adam Lashinsky, San Francisco Chronicle


William Powers' latest book Twelve by Twelvepublished in May by New World Library, received widespread coverage from the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Newsweek.

“A penetrating account of what it’s like to move to the margins in our particular time and place. It will make you think, hard.”  -- Bill McKibben.


Ian Bremmer's The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?  was featured in The Wall Street Journal's best sellers list and received enthusiastic reviews from The Washington TimesThe Economist, and the Huffington Post.

“An essential guide to the future of the world economy, The End of the Free Market describes the coming war for the soul of capitalism. It offers useful insights for investors, business leaders, and anyone interested in how to survive this coming global confrontation.” -- David Smick.


Seymour Topping’s On the Front Lines of the Cold War:  An American Correspondent's Journal from the Chinese Civil War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam was published in March 2010 and reviewed by the San Francisco Examiner.

"This book is terrific. Few journalists have ever witnessed as many epic turning points in history from the front line. There's no substitute for having a first-rate mind on the scene. No one in government or the press over the last half century has confronted the haunting lessons of leadership--success and failure--better." --Tom Curley, President and CEO, The Associated Press.


Stephanie Elizondo Griest's anthology Best Women's Travel Writing 2010 is a compilation of women’s contemporary travel literature set in the most far-flung of places, from an icy Ecuadoran volcano-top to a cozy Persian kitchen.   



Claudia Dreifus' Higher Education? was co-authored with Andrew Hacker. For more information visit the book’s website. Read reviews at The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo News.

 “A timely and provocative book about a subject that affects all of us. Higher Education? is a thoroughly researched and welcome addition to the debate.” --Joseph E. Stiglitz


Zachary Karabell's latest book, Superfusion, was published in October 2009 and has been well received by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

“Karabell excels at weaving in glitzy tales of the brave new China against the larger backdrop of the Middle Kingdom's forceful but cautious economic liberalization and the often tortuous, frequently saber-rattling politics of U.S.-China relations.” -- Lee Drutman

Patrick Radden Keefe's book Snakehead: An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld & the American Dream received rave reviews in New York Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek.

“In a formidably well-researched book that is as much a paean to its author's industriousness as it is a chronicle of crime, Mr. Keefe outlines the way in which the Fujianese were forced out of China, driven to take desperately roundabout and dangerous travel routes and eventually arrived in America courtesy of the lucrative human smuggling business.” -- Janet Maslin.

Ian Bremmer's and Preston Keat's The Fat Tail was published by Oxford University press in March 2009. Read reviews at, Forbes, and Barron’s.

"The Fat Tail delivers practical wisdom on the impact of political risk on firms of every description and valuable advice on how to use it. Ian Bremmer and Preston Keat offer innovative thinking and useful insight that will help business decision-makers find fresh answers to questions they may not know they have." --Fareed Zakaria.

Peter Marber's Seeing the Elephant was published by Wiley in February 2009. 

"Creative and accessible…Peter Marber has earned his insights into globalization as a practitioner who studied emerging markets long before they became fashionable in the West. An inspiring, terrific book about the most important subject of our era." --Steve Coll.


Alan Wolfe's The Future of Liberalism, published by Knopf in February 2009, was reviewed by Slate, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

“Written before Barack Obama's won in the general election, free of campaign cant, this is a serious book for serious readers. Wolfe writes-usually accessibly, always penetratingly-as an intellectual committed to a set of ideas and social mores that have been tested and reformulated since the Enlightenment.” -- Scott H. Silverman.

  •  -A Progressive Book Club Selection.
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